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FormatMaskTextReturns a string formatted using an edit mask.
IsLiteralCharIsLiteralChar is used internally.
MaskDoFormatTextMaskDoFormatText is used internally.
MaskGetCharTypeMaskGetCharType is used internally.
MaskGetCurrentDirectivesMaskGetCurrentDirectives is used internally.
MaskGetFldSeparatorMaskGetFldSeparator is used internally.
MaskGetMaskBlankMaskGetMaskBlank is used internally.
MaskGetMaskSaveMaskGetMaskSave is used internally.
MaskIntlLiteralToCharMaskIntlLiteralToChar is used internally.
MaskOffsetToOffsetMaskOffsetToOffset is used internally.
MaskOffsetToWideOffsetMaskOffsetToWideOffset is used internally.
OffsetToMaskOffsetOffsetToMaskOffset is used internally.
PadInputLiteralsPadInputLiterals is used internally.


TEditMaskRepresents the mask that validates and formats user input.
TMaskCharTypeTMaskCharType is used internally.
TMaskDirectivesTMaskDirectives is used internally.
TMaskedTextTMaskedText is the type for the text that is typed into a masked edit control.


DefaultBlankDefaultBlank is used internally.
MaskFieldSeparatorMaskFieldSeparator is used internally.
MaskNoSaveMaskNoSave is used internally.


mDirLiteralmDirLiteral: Char = $5C;
mDirLowerCasemDirLowerCase: Char = $3C;
mDirReversemDirReverse: Char = $21;
mDirUpperCasemDirUpperCase: Char = $3E;
mMskAlphamMskAlpha: Char = $4C;
mMskAlphaNummMskAlphaNum: Char = $41;
mMskAlphaNumOptmMskAlphaNumOpt: Char = $61;
mMskAlphaOptmMskAlphaOpt: Char = $6C;
mMskAsciimMskAscii: Char = $43;
mMskAsciiOptmMskAsciiOpt: Char = $63;
mMskDateSeparatormMskDateSeparator: Char = $2F;
mMskNumericmMskNumeric: Char = $30;
mMskNumericOptmMskNumericOpt: Char = $39;
mMskNumSymOptmMskNumSymOpt: Char = $23;
mMskTimeSeparatormMskTimeSeparator: Char = $3A;