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Package rtl280.bpl


IMethodHandlerFor internal use.


CreateMethodPointerFor internal use.
GetInvokeInstanceFor internal use.
GetMethodInfoReturns the information header of a specific method.
GetMethodsReturns an array of information headers corresponding to all the methods belonging to a class.
ObjectInvokeDynamically invokes a method of an object.
ReleaseMethodPointerFor internal use.


PMethodInfoHeaderRepresents a pointer to a TMethodInfoHeader instance.
PParametersPointer to System.ObjAuto.TParameters. For internal use.
PParamInfoPointer to TParamInfo.
PReturnInfoPointer to TReturnInfo.
TCallingConvention (deprecated)Enumerates the calling conventions supported by Delphi and C++Builder.
TDynamicInvokeEventFor internal use.
TMethodInfoArrayRepresents an array of TMethodInfoHeader instances.
TMethodInfoHeaderRepresents the information header of a method.
TParametersFor internal use.
TParamFlagsRepresents a set of method parameter flags.
TParamInfoRepresents information pertaining to the parameters of a method.
TReturnInfoRepresents the return information of a method.


RaiseExceptionForExtendedTypeThe new RaiseExceptionForExtendedType flag is introduced into the System.ObjAuto unit.


paEAXpaEAX: Word = 0;
paECXpaECX: Word = 2;
paEDXpaEDX: Word = 1;
paStackpaStack: Word = 3;