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function MatchAgain: Boolean;


bool __fastcall MatchAgain();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.RegularExpressionsCore TPerlRegExList


Attempt to match the regex to the remainder of the string after the previous match.

If you assigned the Start property, MatchAgain continues from that position instead. If not, you should only call MatchAgain after calling Match.

If more than one regular expression matches the subject, the leftmost match (i.e. the one with the lowest MatchedOffset) is returned by the MatchedRegEx property. If more than one regular expression matches at the same position in the string, the one added to the list first is returned. Use the MatchedRegEx property to get more information about the match.

Note that MatchAgain continues from the end of the previous match. Any matches by other regular expressions in the list that overlap with the previous match are ignored. This is the same behavior as you would get when stringing all the regular expressions together as regex1|regex2|regex3... and using TPerlRegEx.MatchAgain.

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