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function GetMethods: TArray<TRttiMethod>; overload; virtual;
function GetMethods(const AName: string): TArray<TRttiMethod>; overload; virtual;


virtual System::DynamicArray<TRttiMethod*> __fastcall GetMethods()/* overload */;
virtual System::DynamicArray<TRttiMethod*> __fastcall GetMethods(const System::UnicodeString AName)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Rtti TRttiType


Returns a list of all the methods that are part of the reflected type.

Use the GetMethods method to obtain a list of all the methods that are members of the reflected type. Although GetMethods is declared in TRttiType, it only works in RTTI objects describing types that actually allow methods, such as records, classes, and interfaces; for all other types, this method simply returns an empty array.

The second version of GetMethods accepts an AName parameter that specifies the name of an overloaded method. In this case, the list returned by GetMethods is made up of all the overloaded versions of the same method.

The list returned by GetMethods is ordered by the class/interface hierarchy. This means that the most recently included methods are located at the top of the list.

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