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TCustomSensor = class abstract


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomSensor : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Sensors System.Sensors


Provides properties that give information about the actual hardware or logical (software) sensor installed on your system, such as the name, description, category, model or manufacturer.

Every sensor class that you can use derives from the base class named TCustomSensor.

The CustomData and CustomProperty properties give access to the values of sensors-specific properties and data fields. A sensor property gives information about the capabilities of the sensor, as sensitivity, manufacturer, model number, range and if it is accessible without user permissions. A sensor data field gives the actual measurement values that the sensor is designed to determine. Data fields are accessed only after the user permissions are specifically granted by the user.

When the sensor sends data, the OnDataChanged event gets triggered, having the role of a generic notifier. It doesn't provide information on the properties that actually changed their values. Similarly, OnStateChanged is triggered when the State property changed its value.

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