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function RunRemoteAction(const AnAction: TRemoteAction): Boolean; overload;
function RunRemoteAction(const AProfile: TTetheringProfileInfo; const AnActionName: string): Boolean; overload;


bool __fastcall RunRemoteAction(TRemoteAction* const AnAction)/* overload */;
bool __fastcall RunRemoteAction(const System::Tether::Manager::TTetheringProfileInfo &AProfile, const System::UnicodeString AnActionName)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Tether.AppProfile TTetheringAppProfile


Requests the execution of the specified remote action and returns True if the execution is successful or False if there is an error.

You can specify a remote action with either of the following parameters:

RunRemoteAction returns False if any of the following errors occur:

Note: RunRemoteAction performs client-side checks before it sends any execution request to a remote profile, so none of these scenarios is likely.

RunRemoteAction is a synchronous function. This function performs a request to the remote profile, and the function execution only finishes after there is a response from the remote profile. You might want to use the RunRemoteActionAsync method.


A call to RunRemoteAction may raise any of the following exceptions:

Exception Exception.Message Scenarios


Can't find profile for action <action name>

No available connections to <profile identifier>

Can't connect to profile <profile identifier>

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