System.Types.TRectF Methods

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_sameValuepublicTests whether a TRectF object's Fields are equal to some other values, received as parameters.
_sqrfpublicCalculates the square value of the parameter data.
CeilingpublicDoes superior rounding over the TRectF object.
CenterAtpublicPlaces the current TRectF object in the center of the designated area without scaling.
CenteredRectpublicReturns a centered rectangle.
CenterPointpublicReturns the center point of the rectangle.
ContainspublicTests whether a point or a rectangle is located within the rectangle.
CreatepublicCreates a TRectF rectangle having floating-point coordinates.
EmptypublicCreates an empty TRectF object.
FitpublicScales down, if needed, the current rectangle to fit into BoundsRect and centers the scaled rectangle in BoundsRect. Returns the implemented scaling ratio.
FitIntopublicResizes the current rectangle, preserving the current rectangle proportions, to best fit in the ADesignatedArea rectangle, and returns the scaled rectangle centered in ADesignatedArea.
GetHeightpublicReturns the height of the rectangle.
GetLocationpublicReturns the location of a rectangle.
GetSizepublicReturns the floating-point TSizeF size of the rectangle.
GetWidthpublicReturns the width of the rectangle.
InflatepublicInflates the dimensions of the rectangle.
initpublicInitializes a TRectF object.
IntersectpublicCalculates the intersection between two rectangles.
IntersectspublicTests whether two rectangles intersect.
IntersectsWithpublicTests whether two rectangles intersect.
IsEmptypublicTests whether the rectangle is empty.
NormalizepublicUse Normalize to normalize a rectangle.
NormalizeRectpublicNormalizes the TRectF object.
OffsetpublicAdds horizontal and vertical specified offsets.
operator !=publicCompares two rectangles for inequality.
operator ==publicCompares two rectangles for equality.
operator AdditionpublicCalculates the Union of two rectangles and returns a TRectF object.
operator EqualitypublicTests whether two rectangles are equal.
operator ExplicitpublicReturns a TRect object.
operator ImplicitpublicReturns a TRectF object.
operator InequalitypublicTests whether two rectangles are unequal.
operator MultiplypublicCalculates the intersection of two rectangles.
OverlapspublicTests whether this rectangle overlaps with the specified rectangle.
PlaceIntopublicIf any dimension of the current rectangle is greater than the corresponding dimension of the ADesignatedArea rectangle, then the current rectangle is scaled down to best fit the ADesignatedArea rectangle. The obtained rectangle is aligned in ADesignatedArea.
PtInRectpublicTests whether a specified point is within the rectangle.
RoundpublicRounds the TRectF object.
SetHeightpublicSets the height of the rectangle.
SetLocationpublicSets the location of a rectangle.
SetSizepublicSets the width and height of the rectangle.
SetWidthpublicSets the width of the rectangle.
SnapToPixelpublicRounds the location and size of the current rectangle to the specified AScale value.
TruncatepublicTruncates the TRectF object.
UnionpublicCalculates the union between two rectangles.