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property Caption: string read GetCaption write SetCaption stored IsCaptionStored;


__property System::UnicodeString Caption = {read=GetCaption, write=SetCaption, stored=IsCaptionStored};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.ActnMan TActionClientItem


Specifies the caption the action manager uses when the TActionClientItem is rendered on an action band.

Use Caption to specify the caption that is displayed for the UI element that is rendered on an action band. By default, the Caption is blank and the action manager uses the caption of the underlying action that the TActionClientItem represents. Changing the Caption property of the TActionClientItem does not change the caption of the underlying action. If an action band contains a TCustomizeActionBars standard action, the user of the application can change this property. Because the caption can be changed at runtime, the default caption that will be used, should be set in the action itself and not in the TActionClientItem object.

Note: Setting the Caption property to a dash character causes the TActionClientItem to be rendered as a separator control, such as a menu item separator, by the action band.

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