Vcl.ActnMan.TActionManager Events

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OnChangepublishedOccurs when a change occurs in the action list.
OnExecutepublishedOccurs when a client object triggers an action in the list.
OnGetBarItemClasspublishedOccurs before TActionManager creates TActionBars items.
OnGetBarsClasspublishedOccurs before TActionManager creates its ActionBars collection.
OnGetClientItemClasspublishedOccurs before TActionManager creates any ActionClientItems.
OnGetClientsClasspublishedOccurs when attempting to add items to an ActionClient.
OnGetCommandPropertiesClasspublishedOnGetCommandPropertiesClass is the event triggered by a call to the GetCommandPropertiesClass function.
OnStateChangepublishedOccurs after the State property's value is changed.
OnStyleChangedpublishedOccurs after a change in the Style property.
OnUpdatepublishedOccurs when the application is idle so that the action list can update a specific action in the list.