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Defines base classes and metaclasses for action band menus, such as TCustomAddRemoveItem and TCustomAddRemoveItemClass. See also Setting Up Action Lists.

Package vclactnband.bpl


TActionBarStyleExTActionBarStyleEx is the implementation class for styles in Action Manager.
TActionMainMenuBarTActionMainMenuBar is a rendering engine that renders action client items as menu items.
TAddRemoveItemClassTAddRemoveItemClass defines the metaclass for TCustomAddRemoveItem.
TCustomActionMainMenuBarTCustomActionMainMenuBar is the base class of TActionMainMenuBar.
TCustomActionMenuBarTCustomActionMenuBar is the ancestor for action bands that render actions as menu item UI elements.
TCustomActionPopupMenuTCustomActionPopupMenu is the ancestor for pop-up action bands that render actions as pop-up menu item UI elements.
TCustomAddRemoveItemTCustomAddRemoveItem is the base class for the ActionBand menus for customizing action bands.
TCustomAddRemoveItemClassTCustomAddRemoveItemClass defines the metaclass for TCustomAddRemoveItem.
TCustomizeActionToolBarTCustomizeActionToolBar is a customized action toolbar.
TCustomizeActionToolBarClassTCustomizeActionToolBarClass defines the metaclass for TCustomizeActionToolBar.
TCustomMDIMenuButtonTCustomMDIMenuButton is the base class for MDI border buttons.
TCustomMenuButtonTCustomMenuButton is the base class for action band button controls.
TCustomMenuExpandBtnTCustomMenuExpandBtn is the base class for expand buttons.
TCustomMenuExpandBtnClassTCustomMenuExpandBtnClass defines the metaclass for TCustomMenuExpandBtn.
TCustomMenuItemTCustomMenuItem is the base class for the ActionBand custom control TStandardMenuItem.
TCustomPopupClassTCustomPopupClass defines the metaclass for TCustomActionPopupMenu.
TMenuButtonControlClassTMenuButtonControlClass defines the metaclass for TCustomMenuButton.
TMenuItemControlClassTMenuItemControlClass defines the metaclass for TCustomMenuItem.
TMenuStackTMenuStack maintains a last-in first-out array of action menu bars.


RegisterActnBarStyleRegisters an action band style so that it is available for use from TActionManager's Style property within the IDE.
UnRegisterActnBarStyleUnregisters an action band style from the IDE.


TAnimationStyleTAnimationStyle is the type of the AnimationStyle property of an action menu.
TExitMenuEventTExitMenuEvent is the type of the OnExitMenuLoop event handler of an action menu.
TGetPopupClassEventTGetPopupClassEvent is the type of the OnGetPopupClass event handler of an action menu.
TMDIButtonStyleTMDIButtonStyle specifies the style of the MDI border buttons.
TMenuEdgesTMenuEdges is the type of the Edges property of an action menu item.
TMenuPopupEventTMenuPopupEvent is the type of the OnPopup event handler of an action menu.
TUpdateActnMenusProcTUpdateActnMenusProc is the type of a function that is called each time an action menu is updated.


MenuAddRemoveItemClass (deprecated)Is an instance of TAddRemoveItemClass.
MenuButtonControlClass (deprecated)Is an instance of TMenuButtonControlClass.
MenuCustomizePopupClass (deprecated)Is an instance of TCustomizeActionToolBarClass.
MenuItemControlClass (deprecated)Is an instance of TMenuButtonControlClass.
MenuPopupClass (deprecated)Is an instance of TCustomPopupClass.
UpdateActnMenusProcProvides the default updating procedure of an action menu window.