Vcl.AppEvnts.TCustomApplicationEvents Events

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OnActionExecuteprotectedOccurs when an action's Execute method is called and its action list has not already handled it.
OnActionUpdateprotectedOccurs when an action's Update method is called and its action list has not already handled it.
OnActivateprotectedOccurs when an application becomes active.
OnDeactivateprotectedOccurs when an application becomes inactive.
OnExceptionprotectedOccurs when an unhandled exception occurs in the application.
OnHelpprotectedOccurs when the application receives a request for Help.
OnHintprotectedOccurs when the mouse pointer moves over a control or menu item that can display a Help Hint.
OnIdleprotectedOccurs when an application becomes idle.
OnMessageprotectedOccurs when the application receives a Windows message.
OnMinimizeprotectedOccurs when an application is minimized.
OnModalBeginprotectedOccurs when a modal form is opened.
OnModalEndprotectedOccurs when a modal form is closed.
OnRestoreprotectedOccurs when the previously minimized application is restored to its normal size.
OnSettingChangeprotectedOccurs when Windows notifies the application that a system-wide setting has changed.
OnShortCutprotectedOccurs when the user presses a key (before the OnKeyDown event).
OnShowHintprotectedOccurs when the application is about to display the hint window for a Help Hint.