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TConnectionPoints = System.Win.ComObj.TConnectionPoints;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public Vcl.AxCtrls.pas Vcl.AxCtrls Vcl.AxCtrls


TConnectionPoints implements the IConnectionPointContainer interface for a COM object that generates events on clients.

TConnectionPoints lets an object indicate the existence of outgoing interfaces (event interfaces). TConnectionPoints implements the IConnectionPointContainer interface, which clients use to register an interest in event notifications. COM wizards add a TConnectionPoints object as a class member to automatically generated classes that fire events on clients.

The IConnectionPoint interface provides access to an enumerator sub-object with the IEnumConnectionPoints interface. It also provides access to all the connection point sub-objects, each of which implements the IConnectionPoint interface. The IConnectionPoint interface provides access to an enumerator sub-object with the IEnumConnections interface.

TConnectionPoints objects are used to obtain access to:

  • An enumerator sub-object with the IEnumConnectionPoints interface. The IEnumConnectionPoints interface can be used to enumerate connection points for each outgoing IID.
  • Connection point sub-objects with the IConnectionPoint interface for each outgoing IID. Through the IConnectionPoint interface, a client starts or terminates an advisory loop with the connectable object and the client's own sink. The client can also use the IConnectionPoint interface to obtain an enumerator object with the IEnumConnections interface to enumerate the connections that it knows about.

Because the ActiveX wizard automatically sets up events for a control, users only need to use these interfaces directly when they want to modify the standard VCL implementation or to add events to a non-ActiveX control automation server.


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