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property DoubleBuffered: Boolean read FDoubleBuffered write SetDoubleBuffered stored IsDoubleBufferedStored;


__property bool DoubleBuffered = {read=FDoubleBuffered, write=SetDoubleBuffered, stored=IsDoubleBufferedStored, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Controls TWinControl


Determines whether the control's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first.

When DoubleBuffered is false, the windowed control paints itself directly to the window. When DoubleBuffered is true, the windowed control paints itself to an in-memory bitmap that is then used to paint the window. Double buffering reduces the amount of flicker when the control repaints, but is more memory intensive.

When a windowed control is a dock site and has an associated dock manager, it must be double-buffered.

Note: Some controls, such as TRichEdit, can't paint themselves into a bitmap. For such controls, DoubleBuffered must be set to false.

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