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function FindNextControl(CurControl: TWinControl;
GoForward, CheckTabStop, CheckParent: Boolean): TWinControl;


TWinControl* __fastcall FindNextControl(TWinControl* CurControl, bool GoForward, bool CheckTabStop, bool CheckParent);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Vcl.Controls TWinControl


Returns the control's next child in the tab order after the specified control.

Call FindNextControl to find the next child control in the tab order after CurControl. If CurControl is not a child of the control, FindNextControl returns the first child control in the tab order.

The GoForward parameter controls the direction of the search. If GoForward is true, FindNextControl searches forward through the child controls in tab order. If Go Forward is false, FindNextControl searches backward through the controls.

The CheckTabStop and CheckParent parameters control whether FindNextControl performs certain checks on the controls it finds. If CheckTabStop is true, the returned control must have its TabStop property set to true. If CheckParent is true, the returned control's Parent property must indicate the parent control.

FindNextControl calls the GetTabOrderList method to build its list of possible "next" controls.

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