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TDBEdit = class(TCustomLabeledEdit)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TDBEdit : public Vcl::Extctrls::TCustomLabeledEdit


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.DBCtrls Vcl.DBCtrls


TDBEdit represents a single-line edit control that can display and edit a field in a dataset.

Use TDBEdit to enable users to edit a database field. TDBEdit uses the Text property to represent the contents of the field.

TDBEdit permits only a single line of text. If the field may contain lengthy data that would require multiple lines, consider using a TDBMemo object.

If the application does not require the data-aware capabilities of TDBEdit, use an edit control (TEdit) or a masked edit control (TMaskEdit) instead, to conserve system resources.

To provide a mask that restricts input and controls the display format of the data, use mask-related properties of TField and descendants. Such properties include: EditMask (TField), DisplayFormat (TDateTimeField), and DisplayFormat (TNumericField). Which property you should use depends on the field's type and the TField descendant that corresponds to that type.

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