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function DirectoryExists(const Name: string): Boolean;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public Vcl.FileCtrl.pas Vcl.FileCtrl Vcl.FileCtrl


Warning: DirectoryExists is deprecated. Please use System.SysUtils.

Determines whether a specified directory exists.

Call DirectoryExists to determine whether the directory specified by the Name parameter exists. If the directory exists, the function returns true. If the directory does not exist, the function returns false.

If a full path name is entered, DirectoryExists searches for the directory along the designated path. Otherwise, the Name parameter is interpreted as a relative path name from the current directory.

Note: The FileCtrl unit (Windows only) also contains a DirectoryExists function. However, the FileCtrl version is deprecated, and the SysUtils version preferred, even if the code does not need to be cross-platform.

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