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procedure Polyline(const Points: array of TPoint); override;


virtual void __fastcall Polyline(const System::Types::TPoint *Points, const int Points_High);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Vcl.Graphics TCanvas


Draws a series of lines on the canvas with the current pen, connecting each of the points passed to it in Points.

Use Polyline to connect a set of points on the canvas. If you specify only two points, Polyline draws a single line.

The Points parameter is an array of points to be connected.

Note: The Points_Size parameter is the index of the last point in the array (one less than the total number of points).

Note: In Delphi, you can use the Slice function to pass a portion of an array of points to the Polyline method. For example, to form a line connecting the first ten points from an array of 100 points, use the Slice function as follows:

Canvas.Polyline(Slice(PointArray, 10));

Calling the MoveTo function with the value of the first point, and then repeatedly calling LineTo with all subsequent points will draw the same image on the canvas. However, unlike LineTo, Polyline does not change the value of PenPos.

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