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property OwnerCriticalSection: PRTLCriticalSection read FOwnerLock write FOwnerLock;


__property Winapi::Windows::PRTLCriticalSection OwnerCriticalSection = {read=FOwnerLock, write=FOwnerLock};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Graphics TGraphicsObject


Points to information about the critical section that the canvas which draws with this graphics object uses to lock out other threads.

Use OwnerCriticalSection to obtain information about the thread locking state of the canvas that draws with this graphics object. The canvas sets OwnerCriticalSection when it creates the graphics object. Do not change this property while the canvas is using the graphics object.

If the graphics object is created on behalf of a drawing surface that is not a canvas, set OwnerCriticalSection to an initialized TRTLCriticalSection that is maintained by the drawing surface.

To use OwnerCriticalSection to block other execution threads, use the Lock method.

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