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TStringGrid = class(TDrawGrid)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TStringGrid : public TDrawGrid


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.Grids Vcl.Grids


TStringGrid represents a grid control designed to simplify the handling of strings and associated objects.

Add a TStringGrid object to a form to present textual data in a tabular format. TStringGrid provides many properties to control the appearance of the grid, as well as events and methods that take advantage of the tabular organization of the grid in responding to user actions.

TStringGrid introduces the ability to associate an object with each string in the grid. These objects can encapsulate any information or behavior represented by the strings that are presented to the user.

For a TStringGrid, the DrawingStyle property controls whether the current settings have any effect for FixedColor, and for GradientStartColor and GradientEndColor :

Note: If the strings to be presented in a grid represent field values from the records in a dataset, use TDBGrid instead.

Note: To display the string and the associated object or control, use TDrawGrid instead. .

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