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property Items[const Index: Integer]: TListControlItem read GetListItem; default;


__property TListControlItem* Items[const int Index] = {read=GetListItem/*, default*/};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.ListActns TListControlItems


Lists the items in the collection.

Use Items to access the items in this collection.

Index indicates the item to access, where 0 is the index of the first item, 1 is the index of the second item, and so on. The Count property indicates the maximum number of items.

Note: In Delphi code, Items is the default property for TListControlItems. This means that the property name can be omitted when using the Items property. For example,

StaticListAction.Items.Items[0].Caption := Edit1.Text;

can also be written:

StaticListAction.Items[0].Caption := Edit1.Text;

Items is a read-only property. To add or delete items from the collection, use the Add and Delete methods.

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