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property AutoRewind: Boolean read FAutoRewind write FAutoRewind default True;


__property bool AutoRewind = {read=FAutoRewind, write=FAutoRewind, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.MPlayer TMediaPlayer


Determines if the media player control rewinds before playing or recording.

If AutoRewind is true and the current position is at the end of the medium, Play or StartRecording moves the current position to the beginning of the medium before playing or recording. If AutoRewind is false, the user must click the Prev button or write code to call Previous to move to the beginning.

If values have been assigned to StartPos or EndPos or if the multimedia device uses tracks, AutoRewind has no effect on playing or recording. When calling Play or StartRecording, the current position remains at the end of the medium.

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