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property DeviceType: TMPDeviceTypes read FDeviceType write SetDeviceType default dtAutoSelect;


__property TMPDeviceTypes DeviceType = {read=FDeviceType, write=SetDeviceType, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.MPlayer TMediaPlayer


Specifies a multimedia device type to open with the media player.

DeviceType specifies a multimedia device type to open with the Open method. The default is dtAutoSelect.

If DeviceType is dtAutoSelect, the device type is determined by the file extension specified in the FileName property. If no device type is associated with the extension, the correct device type must be explicitly specified by setting DeviceType to a value other than dtAutoSelect.

A multimedia device is typically associated with an appropriate file name extension when the device is installed. Associations are specified in the registry or SYSTEM.INI file. See the documentation for the specific device for instructions about how to associate file name extensions with the device.

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