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property Notify: Boolean read FNotify write SetNotify;


__property bool Notify = {read=FNotify, write=SetNotify, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.MPlayer TMediaPlayer


Determines whether an OnNotify event is generated.

Notify determines whether the next call to a media control method (Back, Close, Eject, Next, Open, Pause, PauseOnly, Play, Previous, StartRecording, Resume, Rewind, Step, or Stop) generates an OnNotify event when the method has completed.

If Notify is true, the next media control method generates OnNotify event upon completion and stores the notification message in the NotifyValue property. If Notify is false, the method does not generate an OnNotify event and NotifyValue remains unchanged.

Notify affects only the next call to a media control method. After an OnNotify event, Notify must be reset to affect any subsequent media control methods.

By default, Play and StartRecording function as if Notify is true. Set Notify to false before calling Play or StartRecording to prevent an OnNotify event from being generated when playing or recording has finished. By default, all other media control methods function as if Notify is false.

Tip: Set Notify to true if the next media control is expected to take a long time, so the application is notified when the media control method has completed. If Notify is set to true, it is recommended to set Wait to false so that control returns to the application before the media control method is finished.

Note: When trying to resume a device that doesn't support Resume, the device is resumed as if the Play method was called. If Notify was assigned true before calling Resume (or any other media control method), Notify doesn't affect the call to Resume. Resume does not generate an OnNotify event upon completion, and NotifyValue remains unchanged.

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