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property TimeFormat: TMPTimeFormats read GetTimeFormat write SetTimeFormat;


__property TMPTimeFormats TimeFormat = {read=GetTimeFormat, write=SetTimeFormat, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.MPlayer TMediaPlayer


Determines the format used to specify position information.

TimeFormat determines how the StartPos, Length, Position, Start, and EndPos properties are interpreted. For example, if Position is 180 and TimeFormat is tfMilliseconds, the current position is 180 milliseconds into the medium. If Position is 180 and TimeFormat is tfMSF, the current position is 180 minutes into the medium.

Not all formats are supported by every device. When trying to set an unsupported format, the assignment is ignored.

The current timing information is always passed in a 4-byte integer. In some formats, the timing information returned is not really one integer, but single bytes of information packed in the long integer.

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