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property Text: TMaskedText read GetText write SetText;


__property System::Maskutils::TMaskedText Text = {read=GetText, write=SetText};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Mask TCustomMaskEdit


Denotes the underlying text for the masked edit control before the mask has been applied.

Use Text to determine the underlying value of the text before it has been formatted by the mask. Text may differ from the EditText visible in the masked edit control if the mask specifies that literal characters should be removed, if the mask includes spaces, or if the mask includes characters that have not yet been filled in by the user. Text will not contain the blank characters, spaces will not be replaced by _, and literal characters in the mask will be removed if the mask indicates they should be.

When setting Text, the value of the text is formatted using the mask, and the resulting EditText is used to update the window.

If there is no mask, Text is the text that appears in the edit control.

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