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function NewPopupMenu(Owner: TComponent; const AName: string;
Alignment: TPopupAlignment; AutoPopup: Boolean; const Items: array of TMenuItem): TPopupMenu;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE TPopupMenu* __fastcall NewPopupMenu(System::Classes::TComponent* Owner, const System::UnicodeString AName, TPopupAlignment Alignment, bool AutoPopup, TMenuItem* const *Items, const int Items_High);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Vcl.Menus Vcl.Menus


Creates and initializes a popup menu.

Call NewPopupMenu to create and initialize a pop-up menu programmatically. NewPopupMenu returns the TPopupMenu component that represents the pop-up menu, but does not associate that pop-up menu with any control.

The Owner parameter specifies the component that is responsible for freeing the menu.

The AName parameter specifies the name of the pop-up menu, which is used to refer to it in code.

The Alignment parameter determines where the menu appears relative to the mouse when the user right-clicks on the control that uses the menu.

The AutoPopup parameter specifies whether the menu should appear automatically when the user right-clicks the associated control.

The Items parameter is an array of menu items that make up the top level menu items. To create the menu items for the Items parameter, use the NewItem function.

Note: The Items_Size parameter specifies the index of the last menu item in Items (one less than the number of menu items).

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