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Package vclribbon270.bpl


EAllocatedActionsExceptionTAllocatedActions exception.
IScreenTipItemInterface used for TCustomScreenTipsPopup.
TAllocatedActionsClass used to manage the list with the allocated actions.
TAssociateItemClass for the controls associated with pop-up screen tips.
TAssociateItemListClass used to manage the list with associated items.
TCustomScreenTipsManagerBase class for TScreenTipsManager components.
TCustomScreenTipsPopupBase class for TScreenTipsPopup.
TDisplayOffsetPop-up window display offset.
TScreenTipBorderStyleThe border style of a screen tip.
TScreenTipItemClass that represents the screen tip item.
TScreenTipsCollectionClass used to manage the screen tip collection.
TScreenTipsManagerTScreenTipsManager provides a mechanism to manage and display all screen tips contained in a ribbon application.
TScreenTipsPopupClass used to offer screen tips support for non-ribbon components.
TScreenTipsWindowClass that represents the pop-up window with the hint for each screen tip.
TScreenTipsWindowClassTScreenTipsWindowClass defines the metaclass for TScreenTipsWindow.


TCreateScreenTipEventC++ definition of the OnShowScreenTip event.
TDescriptionTypeScreen tip description type.
TDuplicateCreateErrorEventC++ definition of the OnDuplicateCreateError event.
TImageAlignEnumeration for screen tip alignment.
TItemImageAlignEnumeration for screen tip item image alignment.
TScreenTipOptionTScreenTipsManager showing option.
TScreenTipOptionsSpecifies a set of TScreenTipOption.
TScreenTipPopupTypeScreenTip Popup Type.
TScreenTipWinClassC++ definition of the OnGetScreenTipWinClass event.
TShowScreenTipEventC++ definition of the OnShowScreenTip event.
TTipBorderStyleScreen tip border style.


cDefaultBorderColorcDefaultBorderColor: Integer = $767676;
cDefaultEndColorcDefaultEndColor: Integer = $FF00000F;
cDefaultStartColorcDefaultStartColor: Integer = $FFFFFF;
cScreenTipHeaderSpacingcScreenTipHeaderSpacing: Integer = $E;
cScreenTipMinimumHeightcScreenTipMinimumHeight: Integer = $32;
cScreenTipTextAndImageWidthcScreenTipTextAndImageWidth: Integer = $13E;
cScreenTipTextOnlyWidthcScreenTipTextOnlyWidth: Integer = $D2;