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property AutoSize: Boolean read FAutoSize write SetAutoSize default True;


__property bool AutoSize = {read=FAutoSize, write=SetAutoSize, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.StdCtrls TCustomEdit


Determines whether the height of the edit control automatically resizes to accommodate the text.

Use AutoSize to make the edit control adjust its size automatically so the client area accommodates the height of the text. When AutoSize is false, the edit control has a fixed height. When AutoSize is true, the size of the control is readjusted whenever a change occurs that could affect the height of the control, such as a change to the font or border style.

Note: AutoSize only adjusts the height of the edit control. Even with AutoSize set to true, text in the edit control may appear truncated if it extends beyond the width of the control.

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