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Provides VCL components for recording, previewing and displaying lists of gestures.

Package vcltouch280.bpl


IGestureProviderDefines two methods implemented by TCustomGestureListView.
TCustomGestureListViewTCustomGestureListView is the base type for all gesture list view components.
TCustomGesturePreviewTCustomGesturePreview is the base type for all gesture preview controls.
TCustomGestureRecorderTCustomGestureRecorder is the base type for all gesture recorder controls.
TGestureListViewTGestureListView is a list view control designed to display gestures.
TGesturePreviewTGesturePreview is used to preview a gesture.
TGestureRecorderTGestureRecorder allows recording of gestures.


DrawGestureDraws a gesture on a given canvas.
ScaleGesturePointsScales the set of input points by a given factor.


TCreateSubItemsEventTCreateSubItemsEvent is the function type for an OnCreateSubItems event.
TGestureRecordedEventTGestureRecordedEvent is the function type for an OnGestureRecorded event.
TGetGestureGroupEventTGetGestureGroupEvent is the function type for an OnGetGestureGroup event.