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Provides VCL gesture engine and recognizer classes.

Package vcltouch280.bpl


TCustomGestureRecognizerTCustomGestureRecognizer is the abstract base for all gesture recognizers.
TCustomGestureRecognizerClassTCustomGestureRecognizerClass defines the metaclass for TCustomGestureRecognizer.
TGestureEngineTGestureEngine is the base for all gesturing engines.
TGestureEngineClassTGestureEngineClass defines the metaclass for TCustomGestureEngine.
TGestureRecognizerTGestureRecognizer is used to recognize gestures.
TMouseGestureEngineTMouseGestureEngine represents a platform-independent mouse-based gesture engine.
TPlatformGestureEngineTPlatformGestureEngine represents a Windows platform-specific gesture engine.


FindStandardGestureLooks up a standard gesture.
GestureToIdentConverts a gesture ID to the corresponding string.
IdentToGestureConverts a string into the corresponding gesture ID.


TGestureListRepresents a list of gesture collection items.
TStandardGestureDataDescribes a standard gesture.