Vcl.WinXCalendars.TCalendarViewYearlyViewInfo Properties

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ActualDatepublicSpecifies the actual date that CalendarView displays.
BodypublicIs a container for TCalendarView elements.
CellsInfopublicRepresents the calendar grid cells.
ChildrenpublicSpecifies the children of the control.
ControllerpublicIs a controller of TCalendarView.
DisplayModepublicSpecifies a certain display mode in each ancestor.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FocusedpublicSpecifies whether the focus will be drawn on the item.
FocusedDatepublicIs the focused date of CellViewItemInfo.
GlobalRectpublicSpecifies the size and location of a certain item on the TCalendarView control.
HeaderpublicIs a link to TCalendarHeaderInfo.
HeaderInfopublicIs a link to Calendar header.
HeightpublicSpecifies the height of the item.
HighlightedpublicIndicates whether the item is highlighted.
LeftpublicSpecifies the horizontal coordinate of the left edge of the item.
LocalRectpublicSpecifies the size and location of a certain item on the parent.
NextDatepublicDisplays the date that is next to the currently selected.
ParentpublicSpecifies the parent of the TCalendarViewInfoBase.
PositionpublicSpecifies the position of the item on its parent.
SizepublicSpecifies the size of the item.
SizeRectpublicSpecifies the size of the rectangle.
StartDatepublicIs the start date of CellViewItemInfo.
TabOrderpublicSpecifies the sequential number of the item that is to be focused.
ToppublicSpecifies the top point of the item.
WidthpublicSpecifies the width of the item.