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property Enabled: Boolean read FEnabled write FEnabled default True;


__property bool Enabled = {read=FEnabled, write=FEnabled, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Web.AutoDisp TWebDispatch


Indicates whether the Web dispatcher passes requests to the object using the TWebDispatch object.

Set Enabled to indicate whether the object using the Web dispatcher responds directly to HTTP request messages. By default, Enabled is true, but an application may disable the auto-dispatching of a component because

The application responds to request messages using an action item on the Web dispatcher rather than using the auto-dispatch feature of the component that uses TWebDispatch as its WebDispatch property. Action items give you greater control over the order in which the dispatcher passes a request message on for handling, and let you embed the default action of the auto-dispatching component with other actions performed by the action item.

The application uses other features of the auto-dispatching component but does not want it to respond to HTTP request messages. For example, a Web client may include an XML broker to provide data packets that appear in the generated HTML pages, but not allow Web browsers to apply updates. When Enabled is false, the Web dispatcher does not pass update messages on to the XML broker.

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