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property RowAttributes: THTMLTableRowAttributes read FRowAttributes


__property Web::Httpprod::THTMLTableRowAttributes* RowAttributes = {read=FRowAttributes, write=SetRowAttributes};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Web.DBWeb TDSTableProducer


Specifies the display attributes of all the rows in the HTML table. Set RowAttributes to a THTMLTableRowAttributes object that describes the display attributes of the rows in the HTML table. Setting RowAttributes calls the Assign method of the THTMLTableRowAttributes object stored internally by TDSTableProducer. Thus, the memory for any row attributes object assigned to the RowAttributes property is never owned or freed by TDSTableProducer.

Note: Not all the properties of the row attributes object are copied when one row attributes object is assigned to another. To ensure that all the attributes represented by RowAttributes are set appropriately, read RowAttributes and set the individual properties of the THTMLTableRowAttributes object.

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