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property OnHTMLTag: THTMLTagEvent read FOnHTMLTag write FOnHTMLTag;


__property THTMLTagEvent OnHTMLTag = {read=FOnHTMLTag, write=FOnHTMLTag};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Web.HTTPProd TBasePageProducer


Occurs when the page producer needs to interpret the value of an HTML-transparent tag in the HTML template.

Write an OnHTMLTag event handler to convert an HTML-transparent tag into the corresponding HTML commands that can be interpreted by a Web browser. If an OnHTMLTag event is not supplied, the HTML-transparent tags in the HTML template will be replaced by empty strings.

Note: The sequence of HTML that the event handler produces for an HTML-transparent tag can contain HTML-transparent tags for another page producer to convert. For example, one page producer might have a template that represents the format of the final HTTP response. It could read the HTTP request and, for each section in the request, assemble a set of HTML-transparent tags with parameters based on the request. Another page producer might take the content of the first page producer, and interpret those parameters.

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