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function SendGetStructMessage(Handle: HWND; Msg: UINT; WParam: WPARAM;
var LParam; Unused: Boolean = False): LRESULT;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE NativeInt __fastcall SendGetStructMessage(HWND Handle, unsigned Msg, NativeUInt WParam, void *LParam, bool Unused = false);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Winapi.Messages Winapi.Messages


Send Windows message, sending and receiving data structure.

SendGetStructMessage calls the Windows SendMessage function and returns an LRESULT.

Handle is an HWND window handle.

Msg is the Windows message ID. This constant is exactly the same as the Windows message ID described in the Microsoft Windows SDK.

WParam is a WPARAM for the message, depending on Msg. The value is sent.

LParam is a data structure LPARAM for the message, depending on Msg. A value may be sent and returned.

Unused is not used and is optional.

Various records have been defined in the Messages unit to represent Windows messages. For instance, TWMCopy represents the message WM_COPY, TWMKeyDown represents WM_KEYDOWN, and so on.

See the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation for information on the Windows messages and their associated WPARAM and LPARAM.

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