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property XML: TStrings read GetXML write SetXML stored IsXMLStored;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* XML = {read=GetXML, write=SetXML, stored=IsXMLStored};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Xml.XMLDoc TXMLDocument


Specifies the content of the XML document associated with this TXMLDocument object.

Read XML to obtain the contents of the associated XML document. Set XML to specify the XML document you want to examine or manipulate. Once XML is set, you can activate the XML document and examine or manipulate it using the DocumentElement property.

XML is a TStrings object. This means you can supply a value using the Strings editor at design time, or manipulate the XML line by line at runtime. To read or write the XML in the document as a single string, use the LoadFromXML or SaveToXML method.

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