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property Nodes[Index: Integer]: IXMLNode read GetNode; default;


__property _di_IXMLNode Nodes[int Index] = {read=GetNode/*, default*/};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Xml.XMLIntf IXMLNodeCollection


Lists the interfaces of the repeating child nodes.

Use Nodes to access nodes from the set of repeating child nodes. The value of Nodes is the IXMLNode interface that represents a specified child node.

Index identifies which repetition of the child node is desired, where 0 is the first repetition, 1 is the second repetition, and so on.

Note: The XML Data Binding wizard generates a nearly identical property in IXMLNodeCollection descendants called Items. Items differs from Nodes in that the value is an IXMLNode descendant specific to the type of the repeating element, rather than the generic IXMLNode interface.

Note: In Delphi, ChildNodes is the default property for IXMLNodeCollection. That means that you can omit the property name when using this property. In IXMLNodeCollection descendants that are generated by the XML Data Binding wizard, the Items property is the default property instead.

Note: As a descendant of IXMLNode, IXMLNodeCollection also inherits the ChildNodes property, which lists all the child nodes for this node. Nodes differs from ChildNodes in that it contains only those child nodes that are in the repeating collection.

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