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function FindNode(NodeName: DOMString): IXMLNode; overload;
function FindNode(NodeName, NamespaceURI: DOMString): IXMLNode; overload;
function FindNode(ChildNodeType: TGuid): IXMLNode; overload;


virtual _di_IXMLNode __fastcall FindNode(System::UnicodeString NodeName) = 0 /* overload */;
virtual _di_IXMLNode __fastcall FindNode(System::UnicodeString NodeName, System::UnicodeString NamespaceURI) = 0 /* overload */;
virtual _di_IXMLNode __fastcall FindNode(const GUID &ChildNodeType) = 0 /* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Xml.XMLIntf IXMLNodeList


Returns a specified node from the list.

Call FindNode to access a particular node in the list.

NodeName is the node to access. It specifies the LocalName property of the desired node.

NamespaceURI identifies the namespace that qualifies NodeName. It is the same as the NamespaceURI property of the desired node.

ChildNodeType identifies the node to access by its interface type (GUID), rather than by name.

FindNode returns the interface for the node if it is in the list. If NodeName or ChildNodeType does not specify a node in the list, FindNode returns nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++).

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