Xml.XMLIntf.IXMLNode Methods

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AddChildpublicAdds a new child node to this node.
AddRefpublicIncrements the reference count for this interface.
CloneNodepublicCreates a copy of this node and returns its interface.
DeclareNamespacepublicAdds an attribute to the node that declares a specified namespace URI.
FindNamespaceDeclpublicReturns the attribute node that declares a specified Namespace URI.
FindNamespaceURIpublicReturns the namespace URI for a namespace prefix or qualified tag name.
GetAttributepublicReturns the value of one of this node's attributes.
GetAttributeNodespublicReturns the value of the AttributeNodes property.
GetAttributeNSpublicReturns the value of a specified attribute.
GetChildNodespublicReturns the value of the ChildNodes property.
GetChildValuepublicReturns the value of a specified child node.
GetCollectionpublicReturns the value of the Collection property.
GetDOMNodepublicReturns the value of the DOMNode property.
GetHasChildNodespublicIndicates whether the node has any child nodes.
GetIsTextElementpublicIndicates whether the node has a single text value.
GetLocalNamepublicReturns the name of the node without any namespace prefix.
GetNamespaceURIpublicReturns the namespace URI for the node's qualified name.
GetNodeNamepublicReturns the name of the node.
GetNodeTypepublicReturns the type of the node.
GetNodeValuepublicReturns the value of the node.
GetOwnerDocumentpublicReturns the interface for the document in which this node appears.
GetParentNodepublicReturns the interface for the node's parent node.
GetPrefixpublicReturns the namespace prefix from the node's name.
GetReadOnlypublicReturns the value of the ReadOnly property.
GetTextpublicReturns the text value of the node.
GetXMLpublicReturns the value of the XML property.
HasAttributepublicIndicates whether the node has an attribute with a specified name.
NextSiblingpublicReturns the next child of this node's parent.
NormalizepublicConverts the subtree beneath this node to the structure it would have if it were just loaded from a document.
operator []public
PreviousSiblingpublicReturns the previous child of this node's parent.
QueryInterfacepublicReturns a reference to a specified interface if the object supports that interface.
ReleasepublicDecrements the reference count for this interface.
ResyncpublicForces all child nodes and attribute nodes to be reread from the underlying DOM implementation.
SetAttributepublicSets the value of one of this node's attributes.
SetAttributeNSpublicSets the value of one of this node's attributes when you must explicitly specify the attribute's namespace.
SetChildValuepublicSets the value of a specified child node.
SetNodeValuepublicSets the value of this node.
SetReadOnlypublicSpecifies whether the node can be modified.
SetTextpublicSets the text value of the node.
SupportspublicIndicates whether a given interface supports a specific (another) interface.
TransformNodepublicTransforms the subtree rooted at this node, using a specified XSL interface.