Xml.XMLIntf.IXMLNode Properties

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AttributeNodespublicLists the interfaces for nodes that represent attributes of this node.
AttributespublicRepresents the values of this node's attributes.
ChildNodespublicRepresents the child nodes of the node.
ChildValuespublicRepresents the values of this node's child nodes.
CollectionpublicIndicates the collection in which this node appears.
DOMNodepublicProvides access to the IDOMNode interface for this node.
HasChildNodespublicIndicates whether this node has any child nodes.
IsTextElementpublicIndicates whether the node has a single text value.
LocalNamepublicIndicates the name of the node without any namespace prefix.
NamespaceURIpublicIdentifies the URI for the namespace used in the qualified node name.
NodeNamepublicIndicates the node name.
NodeTypepublicIndicates the type of the node.
NodeValuepublicSpecifies the value of this node.
OwnerDocumentpublicIdentifies the document in which this node appears.
ParentNodepublicIdentifies the interface of the node's parent node.
PrefixpublicIdentifies the namespace prefix of the node's name.
ReadOnlypublicSpecifies whether the node can be modified.
TextpublicRepresents the Text of the node.
XMLpublicIndicates the XML that corresponds to the subtree rooted at this node.