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property OnTranslate: TTranslateEvent read FOnTranslate write FOnTranslate;


__property TTranslateEvent OnTranslate = {read=FOnTranslate, write=FOnTranslate};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Xml.XmlTransform TXMLTransform


Occurs when the TXMLTransform component needs to translate a user-defined node.

Write an OnTranslate event handler to provide the translation for user-defined nodes.

TXMLTransform performs a translation when an application reads the Data property or calls the TransformXML method. If the transformation document that governs how to perform that translation indicates that a node in the XML document is user defined, TXMLTransform generates an OnTranslate event when it needs to translate to or from that node. OnTranslate only occurs for nodes that are marked as user defined.

If you do not translate a user-defined node in an OnTranslate event handler, the corresponding node in the translated XML is assigned the source XML node's value, if available. Otherwise, it is left blank.

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