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property Params: TStrings read FParams write SetParams;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* Params = {read=FParams, write=SetParams};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.SqlExpr TSQLConnection


Lists the connection parameters.

Params is a TStrings object listing the connection parameters. Each entry in the string list has the form


where Name is the name of the parameter and Value is its value. If you are using named connection configurations (the ConnectionName property), the values for each parameter are loaded from the dbxconnections.ini file when you set ConnectName.

At design time, you can set parameter values using the string list editor by double-clicking the Params property in the Object Inspector. Any new values you set override the values loaded when you set ConnectionName, unless you load the connection configuration at run time using LoadParamsFromIniFile or LoadParamsOnConnect.

The particular parameters that appear depend on the database server. The Params property is initialized to include a string for each parameter when you set the DriverName property. One particular parameter, Database, is required for all servers. Its value depends on the server you are using. For example, with InterBase, Database is the name of the .gdb file, while with MySQL, it is the database name that was assigned by the CREATE DATABASE command.

Other typical parameters include HostName (the machine name or IP address of where the server is located) and TransIsolation (the degree to which transactions are isolated from changes made by other users of the database).

Another useful parameter for a SQLite database connection is FailIfMissing. If FailIfMissing is set to True, the database connection will fail if the database does not exist. Otherwise, if FailIfMissing is False, the database is created, if it does not exist.

The ColumnMetaDataSupported connection property for a SQLite database indicates whether the sqlite3 library was compiled with the SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA C-preprocessor symbol defined. By default, this property is True for Windows, and False for MacOS.

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