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TPie = class(TEllipse)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TPie : public TEllipse


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Objects FMX.Objects


TPie defines 2D pies. TPie is drawn as part of TEllipse. It inherits TControl and can be used in styles to construct controls.

The TPie object is the part of the TEllipse object enclosed between radiuses with the StartAngle and EndAngle angles.

The ShapeRect bounding rectangle, scaling factors specified by Scale, RotationCenter rotation axis, and RotationAngle rotation angle of the TEllipse object should be used to define the general size, shape, and position of TPie.

TPie draws the contour and fills the shape background with the Paint method.

Paint draws the contour using the drawing pen with the properties, color, and opacity defined by the Stroke property of the TPie object.

Paint fills the background using the drawing brush with the properties, color, and opacity defined by the current Fill property of the TPie object.

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