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property Action: TBasicAction read GetAction write SetAction;


__property System::Classes::TBasicAction* Action = {read=GetAction, write=SetAction};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
FMX.Types TFmxObject


Specifies the action associated with the control.

Action allows an application to centralize the response to user commands. When a control is associated with an action, the action determines the appropriate properties and events of the control (such as whether the control is enabled or how it responds to an OnClick event).

If an object of the descendant from the TFmxObject class does not support actions, and when this object tries to assign a value to the Action property, the setter method for Action calls GetActionLinkClass that should return nil. In this case, attempting to set a value to the Action property raises the following exception:

StrEActionNoSuported = 'Class %s does not support the action'       

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