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Is the unit scope for the LiveBindings framework engine. Contains units that implement the LiveBindings engine.



Contains a class that implements a base custom scope for use within LiveBindings.


Contains a class that implements a custom wrapper for use within LiveBindings.


Contains interfaces that define compiled binding expressions, custom scopes, custom wrappers, dynamic instances of a member within a dynamic group, wrapped resulting types, Left Values, wrappers considered as placeholders for physical values, scope enumerators, scope symbols, immediate values, and related interfaces. It also contains classes that implement custom wrapper getter callbacks, location wrappers, scope symbols, subscription notifications, value wrappers, and so on.


Contains classes that implement associations between an interface and an expression object that facilitate grouping and naming of binding expressions, associations between a Delphi object and an expression object. It also contains the parent class for all binding expressions and some global routines that provide a way for easy creation of associations between Delphi objects and expression objects, and between interface references and expression objects.


Contains a class that implements the default behavior for binding expressions.


Contains classes that implement a binding expression factory, a binding scope factory, and a binding manager factory.


Contains a class that implements a binding expression helper class with utility methods and some related record types.


Contains a class that implements a binding manager that manages all the binding expressions and notifies them of changes in the objects contained by the binding expression.


Contains a class that implements a binding manager that supports incoming change notifications.


Contains a class that implements a list of binding methods and its factory, and related functions and invokable function bodies. It also contains global routines to allow the return of a location used by bidirectional expressions, and of Left Values that can be extracted and stored.


Contains classes that implement a factory for managing callbacks used for assignment to output properties of classes, collections of routines used by data bindings, and various routines and types that support the converters for Left Values and related functionality.