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RepeatInterval: TRepeatInterval;


TRepeatInterval RepeatInterval;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
field public
System.Notification TNotification


The interval for a repeating notification.

Usually, you can set a repeat interval when you schedule a notification. Default is None.

Possible values are:

  • None: This value specifies a non-repeating notification
  • Second: A second.
  • Minute: A minute.
  • Hour: An hour.
  • Day: A day.
  • Week: A week.
  • Weekday: A day in the week.
  • Month: A month.
  • Quarter: A quarter. One quarter equals 3 months.
  • Year: A year.
  • Era: A special calendar unit for specific cases. For example, a different era may help to distinguish between BC and AC in the Gregorian calendar on iOS. See iOS Developer Library - Historical Dates

If you wish to use another custom interval, you may combine several notifications to achieve that. For example, if you want to show a notification every 30 minutes, you will need to create two notifications with the repeat interval of an Hour and set the FireDate of the second notification to 30 minutes after the first notification.

See more information about repeating notifications.

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