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property OldCreateOrder: Boolean read FOldCreateOrder write FOldCreateOrder;


__property OldCreateOrder;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.Forms TForm


Specifies when OnCreate and OnDestroy events occur.

When OldCreateOrder is false (default), the OnCreate event occurs after all constructors are finished and the OnDestroy event occurs before any destructors are called.

Note: This timing differs from Delphi version 3 and previous and from C++Builder version 1, where the OnCreate event occurred when the TCustomForm constructor executed and the OnDestroy event occurred when the TCustomForm destructor executed. Applications that require the OnCreate event and OnDestroy events to occur from the constructor and destructor of the form can set OldCreateOrder to true.
Warning: In version 11, the OldCreateOrder property has been removed. In case the property is presented in a form description file, it is ignored but won’t generate an error.

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