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Unit that implements generic container classes to group data items in arrays, dictionaries, lists, stacks, queues, and more.

Package rtl240.bpl


TArrayClass that contains static methods for searching and sorting a generic array.
TDictionaryCollection of key-value pairs.
TEnumerableTEnumerable is an abstract class inherited by all enumerable containers.
TEnumeratorTEnumerator is the abstract class implemented by all enumerator classes.
TListOrdered list.
TObjectDictionaryCollection of key and/or value objects.
TObjectListOrdered list of objects.
TObjectQueueQueue of objects.
TObjectStackLast in, first out stack of objects.
TQueueQueue implemented over array, using wrapping.
TStackLast in, first out stack.
TThreadedQueueRepresents a generic threaded queue.
TThreadListRepresents a generic thread-safe list.


InCircularRangeInCircularRange is an internal function used by the Remove method.


PObjectPObject is a pointer type to a TObject class.
TCollectionNotificationType of change to collection for OnNotify event.
TDictionaryOwnershipsSet of ownerships for TObjectDictionary.
TListHelperInternal helper with non-generic methods to handle TList instances.
TPairTPair is a record holding a key-value pair.
TQueueHelperInternal helper with non-generic methods to handle TQueue instances.
TStackHelperInternal helper with non-generic methods to handle TStack instances.