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Contains classes that implement the API for using the Amazon services (such as queue, table, and so on.)

Package CloudService270.bpl


TAmazonAccessControlPolicyAn access control policy containing owner information and a list of grants.
TAmazonAuthenticationAmazon-specific implementation of TCloudSHA256Authentication.
TAmazonAWS4AuthenticationImplementation of TCloudSHA256Authentication for version 4 of the Amazon AWS signature.
TAmazonBasicServiceClass used for table and queue services functionality shared by table and queue services, but not S3.
TAmazonBucketLoggingInfoBucket logging information, including target bucket, log prefix, and permissions.
TAmazonBucketResultA storage bucket, as returned by a GET Bucket request.
TAmazonConnectionInfoAmazon extension of TCloudConnectionInfo.
TAmazonCopyObjectOptionalsOptional header values for a copy object request.
TAmazonListPartsResultResult item for a ListParts request.
TAmazonMultipartUploadsResultHolds the result of a request made by all the active multipart uploads.
TAmazonQueueServiceAllows you to connect to the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).
TAmazonServiceAbstract extension of the TCloudService class.
TAmazonSHA1AuthenticationAmazon-specific implementation of TCloudSHA1Authentication.
TAmazonStorageServiceAllows you to connect to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) service.
TAmazonTableServiceAllows you to connect to the Amazon SimpleDB service.


TAmazonACLTypeBucket/Object ACL types.
TAmazonActionConditionalRecord of optional conditional restrictions.
TAmazonBatchRowRepresents a single row to be updated in a batch execution.
TAmazonGetObjectOptionalsOptional inputs for a GetObject request.
TAmazonGrantRepresentation of a specific ACL Grant that specifies the grantee and permission.
TAmazonGranteeTypeThe available grantee types.
TAmazonGrantPermissionThe available Grant permissions.
TAmazonMultipartPartStores information for a single part of a multipart upload.
TAmazonMultipartUploadItemInformation about a single item in a list of active multipart uploads.
TAmazonNotificationEventA topic for Amazon notification.
TAmazonObjectResultA storage object, as returned by a 'get bucket' request.
TAmazonPayerAmazon payer options.
TAmazonQueueActionsThe available actions for an Amazon queue, for which permissions can be established.
TAmazonQueueAttributeThe available property types for an Amazon queue.
TAmazonQueuePermissionRecord that represents a queue permission.
TAmazonRegionRegions that can be used with Amazon Services.
TAmazonRowConditionalConditional class for inserting or updating a row.


amzrAPEast1amzrAPEast1: string = ap-east-1;
amzrAPNortheast1amzrAPNortheast1: string = ap-northeast-1;
amzrAPNortheast2amzrAPNortheast2: string = ap-northeast-2;
amzrAPNortheast3amzrAPNortheast3: string = ap-northeast-3;
amzrAPSouth1amzrAPSouth1: string = ap-south-1;
amzrAPSoutheast1amzrAPSoutheast1: string = ap-southeast-1;
amzrAPSoutheast2amzrAPSoutheast2: string = ap-southeast-2;
amzrCACentral1amzrCACentral1: string = ca-central-1;
amzrCNNorth1amzrCNNorth1: string = cn-north-1;
amzrCNNorthwest1amzrCNNorthwest1: string = cn-northwest-1;
amzrEUamzrEU: string = eu-west-1;
amzrEUCentral1amzrEUCentral1: string = eu-central-1;
amzrEUWest1amzrEUWest1: string = eu-west-1;
amzrEUWest2amzrEUWest2: string = eu-west-2;
amzrEUWest3amzrEUWest3: string = eu-west-3;
amzrNotSpecifiedamzrNotSpecified: string = ;
amzrSAEast1amzrSAEast1: string = sa-east-1;
amzrUSClassicamzrUSClassic: string = us-east-1;
amzrUSEast1amzrUSEast1: string = us-east-1;
amzrUSEast2amzrUSEast2: string = us-east-2;
amzrUSWest1amzrUSWest1: string = us-west-1;
amzrUSWest2amzrUSWest2: string = us-west-2;
azmrEUNorth1azmrEUNorth1: string = eu-north-1;
azmrMESouth1azmrMESouth1: string = me-south-1;