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property Filtered: Boolean read FFiltered write SetFiltered default False;


__property bool Filtered = {read=FFiltered, write=SetFiltered, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TDataSet


Specifies whether or not filtering is active for a dataset.

Check Filtered to determine whether or not dataset filtering is in effect. If Filtered is true, then filtering is active. To apply filter conditions specified in the Filter property or the OnFilterRecord event handler, set Filtered to true. Because unidirectional datasets do not support filters, when you set Filtered to true on a unidirectional dataset, it raises an exception.

Note: When filtering is enabled, user edits to a record may mean that the record no longer meets a filter's test condition. The next time an attempt is made to the read the record from the dataset while the filter is in effect, the record is not visible. If that happens, the next record that passes the filter condition becomes the active record.

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